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Film Honors:
2011 - Platinum Remi Award, Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
2010 - Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film + Video Festival (Chris Awards)


May I say how much I simply enjoyed your film? Empathetic, supportive, absorbing…and despite how at pains they all are to point out how hard their lives were the women in it all seem so glamorous now.
Andrew Cracknell
London, UK

It is a real eye opener to the struggles faced by women in the 1940's through the '60's in securing interesting employment and, perhaps even more importantly, respect and recognition for their talents. Thanks very much for this wonderful gift. What a treat!
Glenda Pearson
University of Washington Libraries

I showed your video to my graduate mass comm history seminar and they loved it! The initial quote about men walking into the room and saying "there's nobody here" because there were only women really stays with everybody.
Giovanna Dell'Orto, Assistant Professor
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Minnesota

Great film. My students agree!
Joris van Eijnatten, Chair of Cultural History
Department of History and Art History
University of Utrecht

My dissertation was a critical epistemology of Lazarsfeld's work and his ambivalence with Adorno and Frankfurt Critical Theory. Along the way I often wondered what role the women played in his research projects. Your documentary cleared up a great deal. Thank you for that.
Ed McLuskie, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Communication, Boise State University